Photo Gallery One

Senior Group Personnel

Col. Albert J. Shower 467th BG(H) C.O.

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Col. Albert J. Shower, a West Point graduate, was the first officer assigned to the 467th Group. As a Lt. Col., he received his orders on August 28th, 1943, before the Group was activated, and at that time was the Air Executive. He joined the Group at AAFSAT in Orlando, FL., in mid-September of 43, and assumed command on October 25th of the same year. Col. Shower was Group C.O. from activation, commanded the Group throughout operations in England, and returned to the U.S. with the 467th remaining commanding officer. The only Group C.O. in the 8th Air Force to command the same Group to the end of hostilities.



Lt. Col. James J. Mahoney

Lt. Col. James J. Mahoney, Air Executive, was formerly commander of the 859th Squadron of the 492nd BG. On August 10th 1944, his squadron was transferred as a body to the 467th, where it was renamed the 788th Squadron. After Col. Herzberg departed the 467th, Col. Mahoney became Air Executive and remained in the post until operations ceased in the E.T.O.



Col. Allen F. Herzberg

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Col. Allen Herzberg, former Air Executive, joined the 467th BG as a Lt. Col. on November 3rd, 1943, and came overseas ahead of the Group in charge of it's advance party. He took charge of operations when the Group moved to France in September 44 and were engaged in "Truckin'" gas for the allied armies advance into Europe. He left the Group in October 44 to become Wing Operations Officer at the 96th CBW, and then after became Commanding Officer of the 458th BG at Horsham St. Faith. Anyone recognize the gentleman to the left of Col Herzberg?



Lt. Col. Walter R. Smith
(photo: Healy)

Lt. Col. Walter R. Smith, Group Operations Officer. He joined the Group on December 13th 1943 as a Major and remained Group Operations Officer throughout combat operations served at Rackheath.



Lt. Col. Frank F. Creager

Lt. Col. Frank F. Creager, Commanding Officer of the 470th Sub Depot at Rackheath. Arrived at Rackheath as a member of the advanced party preparing the base for Group operations in January 1944.



Capt. Allan Healy

Capt. Allan Healy, Group Photo Interpreter, in the Photo Section along with Group Photographic Officer Capt. Calvin Horn. The section worked closely with the S-2 Intelligence Section producing and processing thousands of strike-photos for pre-mission briefing, also photo interpretation of previous mission "strike" photos for dissemination to higher HQ. They made improvements to the onboard cameras making them automatic with no or little need for aircrew to worry about this aspect. As well as "strike" photos, the section took many photos of the surrounding area and base life in England.



Major Robert L. Salzarulo

Major Robert L. Salzarulo, former Commanding Officer of the 788th Bomb Squadron. A member of the original cadre of the Group, having joined it as a Captain in September 1943. He baled out after flying as a command pilot with the Lt. Moore crew on the 29th April 44 mission to Berlin, just 19 days after the 467th flew its first mission. He spent the rest of WW2 as a POW.



Major Fred E. Holdrege

Major Fred E. Holdrege, Commander of the 790th Bomb Squadron, was a former West Point graduate. He joined the Group in October 1943 and throughout his assignment with the Group was C.O. of the 790th Squadron. First Squadron C.O. to complete his missions in February 45, he transferred to 96th CBW as a Training Officer.



Captain James F. Ritter

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Captain (later Major) James F. Ritter, Air Executive Officer of the 790th Bomb Squadron.



1st Lt. John L. Low Jr.

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Lt. John L. Low Jr. original 467th BG Group Bombardier. He rode with the  Bill Moore 788th
crew on the Berlin mission of 29th April 44 and baled out with the rest of the crew  over
Holland following severe battle-damage to the B24 on its return journey. Lt. Low contacted the Dutch underground and successfully evaded capture remaining in various safehouses in Holland for over 10 months. He eventually returned to England in early March1945.



Capt. Theodore "Ted" G. Gerringer

Capt. "Ted" Gerringer, original 791st Squadron Bombardier Officer who travelled over
with the Group following training at Wendover, Utah. See also Can You Help? page. 



Captain Cornelius A. Sharbaugh 

Father Sharbaugh was the Catholic Chaplain at Rackheath, arriving in June 1944. He was instrumental in providing a suitable chapel on the basewhich was a fitting tribute to the religious spirit of the 467th.



Major Charles R. Boucher


Formerly the Utilities Officer in the 74th Station Complement, was assigned to Executive Officer of the 791st Squadron in July 1944, replacing Major GeorgeDarnell who went to Group HQ.



Captain John E. Munger

Flight Surgeon with the 790th Squadron, affectionately known as "Doc." Munger.



Senior Personnel in France

Five Senior Personnel of the 467th BG pictured together in France during September 1944 when the Group took a rest from flying combat operations and engaged in "Truckin'" missions supplying much needed gasoline for ground troops on the Western front. Left to right, is Col. Allen Herzberg (Air Executive and Commander of "Truckin'" operations), Major Robert Doenges (789th Sq.), Col. Albert Shower (Commanding Officer of the 467th BG), Col. Walter Smith (Group Operations Officer) and Major Edward Ogden (Group S-2 Intelligence).  


Officers of the 790th Squadron Administration

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Major Fred Holdrege (kneeling centre) with Officers of the 790th Squadron Administration. Behind is the Squadron's B24 "Witchcraft" already denoting 100 combat missions completed when this photo was taken in January 44.



Senior Ground Personnel

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Lt. Col. Frank Creager (C.O. 479th Sub Depot), Major Arthur Filber, Major Harold Faust, Capt. Al Touchette (C.O. 1229 QM Co.)



788th Squadron Staff Wendover January 1944

788th-Staff-Wendover-1944.jpg (69643 bytes)

Back Row: Lt. Kenneth L. Bechtold (Engineering Officer), Lt. Morris J. Lipp (Intelligence),
Lt. James P. Stewart (Intelligence), Lt. Tom S. Heron (BSM Officer), Lt. Carl L. Black (Armaments Officer), Lt. William G. McKeever (Supply Officer)

Middle: Lt. Armand B. Miller (Sq. Navigator), Lt. Herbert S. Kahn (Communications Officer), Lt. Burwell D. Ford (Personnel Equipment Officer), Lt. William J. Carey (Cryptographer), Lt. Charles D. Pou (Sq. Bombardier)

Bottom: Lt. James A. Seccafico (Asst. Operations), Capt. Arthur R. Garner, JR. (Operations), Capt. Robert L. Salzarulo (C.O.), Capt. Joseph J. Redden (Executive Officer), Capt. Harold C. Hines (Surgeon), Lt. Charles W. McClarran (Adjutant)