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467th CASUALTIES occurring at Wendover, England, and Allied Territory

The following contains details of 467th Group personnel who lost their lives during WW2 during the training phase at Wendover, Utah; in England or on/over Allied controlled territory. They were a result of accidents, crashes, those killed on combat operations returning to the UK, crew killed aboard an aircraft and returned to Allied territory, and enemy intruder activity. These are simply the basic details of the loss(es) and compiled through a variety of official sources. If further amplification is required contact Andy Wilkinson


22nd November 1943:

S/Sgt. James D. Pridgen
Remarks: Road Traffic Accident returning from Ely, Nevada. Truck overturned with injuries to several others.

29th December 1943:

B-24E-20-FO 42-7183 789BS

Remarks: The crew and passengers were part of a 5-ship formation flying B24E 42-7183 in number#3 position. The mission was a cross-country training flight landing at Pocatello Army Air Base, Idaho. The purpose of the mission was two fold; training, and the temporary relocation of aircraft and crews to Pocatello. The weather forecast of several days of unflyable weather at Wendover made the relocation of the operating base advisable.

The formation was normal for approximately 70 miles at which time B24E 42-7183 was out of normal position in that he was high and back of his normal place. In attempting to regain normal position, aircraft 42-7183 got in prop wash of lead aircraft in the formation and was thrown down on top of aircraft B24E 42-7408, which was in #4 position of the formation. The impact was severe in that it tore off left wing of B24E 42-7408 from tip to #1 engine. B24E 42-7183 was badly damaged, went into a flat spin and crashed. All aboard killed. Location 12 miles NE Hogup, Utah.

2nd Lt. Carroll E. Meyer, Pilot 788th BS
2nd Lt.Paul J. Kohler, Co-Pilot 788th BS
2nd Lt. Lawrence G. McGinnis, Navigator 788th BS
2nd Lt. Richard Settineri, Bombardier 788th BS
Sgt. Clyde Hewitt, Eng. 788th BS
Cpl. Lawrence A. Griffin, Radio-Operator 788th BS
2nd Lt. Ray W. Gambol, Pilot 788th BS
2nd Lt. William D. Lieber, Co-Pilot 788th BS
2nd Lt. James H. Hutcheson, Navigator 788th BS
2nd Lt. John H. Moffett, Bombardier 788th BS
Sgt. Saul Becker, Eng. 788th BS
Pvt. Lloyd E. Fowler, Radio- Operator 788th BS

B-24E-25-FO 42-7408 790BS

Remarks: Crew and passengers were in #4 position flying B24E 42-7408 in a 5-ship formation to Pocatello AAB. Ship B24E 42-7183 crashed down on top of B24E 42-7408. The left wing was torn off , the ship went over on its back and dived out of control to the ground and exploded, completely demolishing the aircraft. All aboard killed. Location 12 miles NE Hogup, Utah.

1st Lt. Austin W. Clark, Instructor Pilot 
1st Lt. Milton O. Bell Pilot 
2nd Lt. John D. Rogers Co-Pilot
2nd Lt. James B. Sharp Navigator
2nd Lt. Richard R. Abmyer Bombardier
Sgt. Anton P. Brakjovick Eng.
Sgt. Ralph E. Dahlkamp Radio-Operator
Sgt. Edward W. Arnold 
Cpl. Francis E. Hanson
S/Sgt. Hans R. Priester 
S/Sgt. Joseph L. Guth 
Sgt. Stanley F. Roberson 
Cpl. Hugh W. Robinson 

31st December 1943:

Cpl. Robert T. Nery
Remarks: Accidentally killed on the base at Wendover, Utah. 

26th January 1944:

B-24H-15-FO 42-52386 789BS

Remarks: Crew were tasked to perform an A-5 Automatic Pilot flight check in co-operation with Bomb Sight Maintenance Section. Aircraft was B24H 42-52386 that had previously flown 2 days earlier with reports the A-5 equipment was not functioning properly. The A-5 equipment was ground-checked the previous day but needed a flight check before the Engineering Officer could take it off red diagonal. Lt. Dorsey made his departure at 1648 with 10 hours of fuel, an hour ETA, and the proposed flight to be within 50 miles radius of Wendover. Weather at the time was a cloud base of 1500ft, visibility 6 miles. Later deteriorating to 1000ft ceiling, 0ne and a-half miles visibility with light intermittent snow. All aircraft were recalled to base because of the deteriorating weather; no further contact was made with ship#386. Overdue action was taken 1 hour after ETA and search and rescue alerted at various fields. Aircraft remained missing for 7 weeks finally located on the 17th March 44, a complete wreck 7 miles NE of Wendover AAB in the Desert Range Mountains. All crew killed.

2nd Lt. Duray W. Dorsey, Pilot
1st Lt. Edward R. Downie Co-Pilot
S/Sgt. Robert K. Christensen Eng.
S/Sgt. James A. Bassett Radio-Operator
Sgt. Jack J. Schoenfeldt 
T/Sgt. Edlin K. Harbour

7th February 1944:

B-24H-15-CF 41-29396 789BS

Remarks: Nine crew killed while participating in a training combat mission from Wendover. Shortly after take-off the aircraft failed to emerge through a layer of low lying stratus and struck mountain-side 8 miles northeast of the Wendover Base.

1st Lt. Earl C. BONVILLE, Pilot
2nd Lt. Archibald J. LEWIS, Co-pilot
2nd Lt. John T. LYNCH, Navigator
T/Sgt. Leo H. GOODNESS, Engineer
S/Sgt. Carl D. HARMON, Radio-operator
Sgt. Robert E. NICHOLAS, Gunner
Sgt. Ward C. FLANAGAN, Ball-turret
Cpl. Angus A. McKENZIE, Gunner
Cpl. William H. LITTLE, Tail-gunner

12th March 1944:

B-24H-15-FO  42-52554  "RANGOON RAMBLER"  790BS

Remarks:  Aircraft crashed into the Atlas Mountains between Dakar and Marrakech in poor visibility while en route to England. All crew  killed.

2nd Lt. Edward J. MOSSER, Pilot
2nd Lt. Earl L. HOUSTON, Co-pilot
2nd Lt. Thomas M. FORD, Navigator
2nd Lt. Robert H. DEAVES, Bombardier
T/Sgt. Luther E. MASSEY, Radio-operator
S/Sgt. Robert P. WATERMAN, Eng.
S/Sgt. John K. DETWILER, Gunner
S/Sgt. Anthony J. GORCZEWSKI, Gunner
Sgt. Gene S. GREEN, Gunner
Cpl. Howard J. KELLY, Gunner


25th March 1944:

B-24J-130-CF  42-110064

Remarks: Crew ferrying a B-24 for the ATC , crashed on take-off at Dakar. Four crew members killed.

F/O Alvin N. RUBIN, Co-pilot
Sgt. David E. BERTCH, Ball-turret
Sgt. Ernest M. RITCHEY, Radio-oper.
Sgt. Earl WILLINGHAM, Gunner


11th April 1944:  Group Mission No.2

Target: Focke-Wulf factory, Ascherleben, Ger.

B-24H-15-FO  42-52531  "DEVILS HOSTESS" 790BS

Remarks: Crash-landed onto a bungalow at Stalham, Norfolk. First combat loss. Seven crew killed.

2nd Lt. Jack M. SKINNER, Pilot
2nd Lt. Charles L. STUCKMAN, Co-pilot
2nd Lt. Emmett L. WILDER, Bombardier
2nd Lt. Axel R. DAHLIN, Navigator
T/Sgt.  Raymond J. EATON, Eng.
S/Sgt.  K. Norris HARSHBARGER Jr., Gunner
S/Sgt.  Russell E. REED, Tail-gunner


20th April 1944:  Group Mission No.8

Target: "No-Ball" installation Siracourt, Fra.

B-24H-15-FO  42-52350   789BS

Remarks: Co-pilot of Lt. Volk's ship 789 BS killed by flak that hit the lead aircraft. All aircraft returned. A Command Pilot was aboard the ship, and it is believed the co-pilot was occupying the tail-gunner position.

2nd Lt. Oliver W. SNOOK, Co-pilot


22nd April 1944:  Group Mission No.10

Target: Marshalling yards Hamm, Ger.

B-24H-15-FO  42-52445  791 BS

Remarks: Shot from the rear by ME-410 intruder aircraft that entered the landing pattern of returning ships. Crashed near Barsham, Suffolk. Seven killed, (E.W. Hoke due to parachute failure). Three gunners bailed out safely.

1st. Lt. Stalie C. REID, Pilot
2nd. Lt. Warren W. MASON, Co-pilot
2nd. Lt. James G. FERGUSON, Navigator
2nd. Lt. Louis A. ALIER, Bombardier
T/Sgt.   Sylvio L. DERY, Eng.
Sgt.     Edward W. HOKE, Ball-gunner
T/Sgt.   Walter W. KOVALENKO, Radio-operator

B-24H-15-FO  42-52536  788 BS

Remarks: Shot down by intruders, crashed at Witherdale St., Mendham, Suffolk. All ten crew killed.

2nd. Lt. James A. RODEN, Pilot
2nd. Lt. J.H. MAXEY, Co-pilot
2nd. Lt. Wellington E. LANDIS, Navigator
2nd. Lt. Robert E. WILSON, Bombardier
S/Sgt.   Louis J. VIOLETTE, Engineer
S/Sgt.   George E. CARTER, Radio-operator
S/Sgt.   Richard E. HORAK, Gunner
S/Sgt.   James R. HOWE, Gunner
S/Sgt.   Charles D. McGONIGLE, Gunner
S/Sgt.   Riley E. ORR, Gunner

Remarks: A member of ground personnel was killed while cycling during intruder attack on the base at Rackheath.

Pvt.     Daniel E. MINEY    (1229 QMC)


29th April 1944:  Group Mission No.16

Target:  Friedrichstrasse Station, Berlin, Ger.

B-24H-15-CF  41-29380 788 BS

Remarks: A waist gunner flying in Lt. Bill Dillon's ship of the 788th BS fell out of the aircraft about 5 miles from the English coast after encountering severe turbulence.

Sgt.  James W. STORY, Gunner


8th May 1944:  Group Mission No.21

Target: Waggum airfield and factory near Brunswick, Ger.

B-24H-20-FO  42-94963  791BS

Remarks: A crew member flying in Lt. Swearingen's ship (791 BS), was badly wounded and died before the ship landed.

S/Sgt.  George S. HAMILTON, Gunner


21st June 1944: Group Mission No.60

Target: Workshops at Genshagen, Berlin, Ger.

B-24H-15-CF  41-29385  "DOUBLE TROUBLE"  789BS

Remarks: A tail-gunner with the Lt. William Shiner crew, 789th BS, was killed by flak.

S/Sgt.   Paul D. LUNA, Tail-gunner


25th June 1944: Group Mission No.65

Target: Airfield at Bretigny, Fra.

B-24H-25-FO  42-95162  "PERILS OF PAULINE"  790 BS

Remarks: Radio-operator from the Elroy W. Beaney crew was struck by a piece of flak through the open bomb bay which pierced his oxygen mask, severing the jugular vein.

T/Sgt.   Joseph V. PERREAULT, Radio-operator


11th July 1944: Group Mission No.74

Target: City of Munich, Ger.

B-24H-10-DT  41-28695  "RUTH MARIE"  790 BS

Remarks: Lt. Edwin Lackens aircraft crashed at Hardwick airfield after running short of fuel and battle damaged. Struck chemical/supply building narrowly missing the control tower. Eight men were wounded.

S/Sgt.   Arthur D. PRICE, Eng.
Sgt.   John MIKULIN, Gunner


3rd August 1944: Group Mission No.89

Target: Gasoline fuel consumption, Lille, Fra.

B-24H-15-FO  42-52424  "JACK THE RIPPER II"  791 BS

Remarks: Flying their third mission the Lt. Laszlo crew's aircraft crash-landed and burned on return from mission at Manston airfield. Four crew killed, four WIA.

2nd. Lt. Richard J. COLLINS, Navigator
2nd. Lt. Dan M. SANDERFORD, Bombardier
S/Sgt.   Benjamin F. McCAMISH, Eng.
S/Sgt.   Albert B. COVEN, Radio-oper.


6th August 1944: Group Mission No.92

Target: Oil tanks and processing plant Hamburg, Ger.

B-24H-25-FO  42-95224  "LONELY HEART"  791BS

Remarks: One man fell out of bomb-bay, co-pilot with the Charles J. White crew, 791st BS

2nd. Lt. Roy J. DOOLE, Co-pilot


7th August 1944: Group Mission No.93

Target: Oil storage depot, Ghent, Bel.

B-24H-15-FO  42-52565  "MY IDEAL"  789 BS

Remarks: Aircraft crashed on return near to crossroads at Honeycombe Salhouse, close to Rackheath. Eight killed, one man thrown clear and survived.

1st. Lt. Harold R. CHILVER, Pilot
2nd. Lt. Sol SCHLOMOWITZ, Co-pilot
2nd. Lt. Roger B. RAINAULT, Navigator
2nd. Lt. George B. WICKERHAM, Bombardier
S/Sgt.   Carl S. BISHOP, Radio-oper.
S/Sgt.   Samuel FINGER, Eng.
Sgt.     Frank G. EVANCICH, Gunner
Sgt.     Howard A. LLOYD, Gunner


16th August 1944: (Practice Mission)

B-24J-1-FO  42-50580  788 BS

Remarks: Brought down in the North Sea by a jammed stray machine gun from another ship while on a training mission. Six men K.I.L.O.D.

1st. Lt. William V. PREWITTE, Pilot
2nd. Lt. William H. HALL, Co-pilot
2nd. Lt. Malcolm N. PATTANGALL Jr., Navigator
1st. Lt. George R. GODSHALK Jr., Bombardier
1st. Lt. Edward C. GROOMS, Navigator
S/Sgt.   Oliver E. MEREDITH Jr., Eng.


18th August 1944:  Group Mission No.102

Target: Aero-engine works Woippy, Fra.

B-24H-30-CF  42-50439  "BROAD AND HIGH"  788 BS

Remarks: Lt. Roger Leister crew crash-landed in a field at Kirby Bedon battle damaged and short of fuel. Four crew killed.

2nd. Lt. William M. SHERRILL, Bombardier
T/Sgt.   George LIFSCHITZ, Radio-oper.
T/Sgt.   Darlton W. PONTIUS, Eng.
S/Sgt.   Philip A. SNYDER, Gunner


22nd August 1944: Practice Mission

Remarks: A collision in mid-air between B-24H 42-95224 "LONELY HEART" and the Group's P-47 "LITTLE PETE" flown by Lt. Col. Walter R. Smith resulted in the nose-turret suffering severe damage and a fatality to the nose-gunner.

Sgt.   Albert S. DADIG Jr., Nose-gunner (791st Sq.)


14th October 1944: Group Mission No. 119

Target: Marshalling yards Cologne, Ger.

B-24J-1-FO  42-50737  788BS

Remarks: Bombardier on Lt. Billy Williams crew, 788th BS, received a severe chest wound and died.

2nd Lt. John Smith, Bombardier


4th November 1944: Group Mission No.128

Target: Oil Refinery, Misburg, Ger.

B-24J-145-CO  44-40120  "THAT'S ALL BROTHER"  788BS

Remarks: Waist-gunner on Lt. Martin Sefca's ship, 788th BS, killed by flak which exploded in upper waist of aircraft.

S/Sgt.   Willard T. WOODS, Gunner


24th December 1944: Group Mission No.146

Target: Communications centres, Duan, Gerolstein, Ober, Ger.

B-24H-15-CF  41-29378    790BS

Remarks: One man belonging to the Lt. John T. McArthur crew, 790th BS, fell out the bomb bay attempting to salvo bombs during emergency southeast of Norwich.

Sgt.   Denver C. LOBERG


25th December 1944: Group Mission No. 147

Target: Communication Centres at Mechenich, Gerolstein and Hallschlag.

B-24H-20-FO  42-94963  788 BS

Remarks: The 788th BS came under attack from enemy aircraft near St. Vith, Belgium. This ship was battle damaged and crash-landed behind friendly lines at St. Trond airfield in Belgium. The ship careered off the runway striking a parked B-24 and caught fire. Both pilots were killed in the fire.

1st  Lt. Martin SEFCA, Pilot
2nd Lt. Weldon M. HANKS, Co-pilot


29th December 1944: Group Mission No.151

Target: Communication centre, Prum, Ger.

B-24J-5-FO  42-51572  790 BS

B-24H-25-FO  42-95115  790 BS

Remarks: Both aircraft crashed on take-off in dense fog at Wroxham after striking trees using instruments on departure. Two other aircraft also lost. B-24J 44-10607 789 BS, crash-landed at Attlebridge after being damaged on take-off. B-24H 42-94881 789 BS, was abandoned over Suffolk after the crew baled out and crashed in the North Sea. The mission was subsequently "scrubbed" by Col. Shower with 15 men killed and 4 seriously injured.

2nd. Lt. Kurt F. SCHELLHAS, Pilot
F/O      Clifford A. PHENEGER, Co-pilot
F/O      Richard S. HAGIST, Navigator
Sgt.     Joseph F. FEARON, Eng.
Sgt.     Albert MONTICK, Radio-oper.
Sgt.     Lewis E. BYERS, Gunner
Sgt.     Karl J. KOLLER, Gunner
Sgt.     Edward R. MATEREWICZ, Gunner
Sgt.     Robert L. WILLIAMS, Gunner
Sgt.     Dale K. KETCHEL, Gunner
1st. Lt. David W. FOSTER, Pilot
2nd. Lt. Lewis C. CHRISTIAN, Co-pilot
S/Sgt.   Robert J. MASIAK, Eng.
Sgt.     Duane E. CLOSE, Gunner
Sgt.     Bertie M. VAUGHT Jr., Gunner


22nd January 1945: Practice Mission

B-24H-20-FO  42-94811  "TOMMY THUMPER II"  790 BS

Remarks: Crashed in Church Street, Old Catton, due to stalling following loss of an engine during a turn while on a practice flight. Nine men killed.

F/O     John T. McARTHUR Jr, Pilot  
F/O     James R. PRENDERGAST, Copilot
F/O     Otto W. STOKES, Navigator
S/Sgt.  Clarence J. RACHFORD, Eng.
Sgt.    Leonard ROSTKOWSKI, Gunner
Sgt.    Floyd W. ERICKSON, Gunner
Sgt.    William E. WALKER, Gunner
Sgt.    Frank C. WASSON, Gunner
Sgt.    John F. O'MALLEY Jr., Radio-Operator


4th March 1945: Group Mission No.186

Target: Railway yards Stuttgart, Ger.

B-24H-20-DT  41-28981  "WOLVES INC"  789 BS

Remarks: On return the aircraft went out of control and plunged into the North Sea ten miles off Cromer. Eight crew killed and two men saved. Rumoured to have been brought down by a British coastal battery.

1st. Lt. George W. MILLS, Pilot
2nd. Lt. Nathan M. HATKOFF, Co-pilot
F/O      Theologos MISSIRAS, Navigator
T/Sgt.   Michael GRINKIAVICIUS, Eng.
T/Sgt.   James A. DICK, Radio-oper.
S/Sgt.   James E. ULERICK, Gunner
S/Sgt.   Hugh R. CASSELS, Gunner
S/Sgt.   John W. RINESMITH, Gunner


18th March 1945: Group Mission No.196

Target: Factory sites Berlin, Ger.

B-24J-1-FO  42-50599  791 BS

Remarks: Force landed in Soviet controlled territory after being hit by flak. Two crew killed, navigator struck by flak, engineer blown out of aircraft.

1st. Lt. Harold P. VAN TRESS Jr., Navigator
T/Sgt.   George E. FULLER, Engineer