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A Missing Air Crew Report (MACR) was compiled in triplicate by each Army Air Force organisation within 48 hours of the time an aircraft or crew member is officially reported missing. The following details were obtained from official MACRs pertaining to the 467th BG(H) during operations from April 10th 1944 to the last 8th Air Force mission of WW2 on April 25th 1945. Some of the Reports are extremely detailed, others less comprehesive. Recorded here are just the salient details concerning each loss. If  further amplification is required contact Andy Wilkinson


13th April 1944:  Group Mission No.4 MACR#4181

Target:  Airfield installation at Lechfeld, Ger.

B-24H-15-FO  42-52535  "KATY"  789BS

Remarks:  First Group loss over occupied territory. Ball turret gunner killed at position, waist gunner badly injured when thrown out of aircraft on a static line, pilot remained in ship at time of crash. Seven POW's were 2nd Lt. Charles A. Fischer (Co-pilot), 2nd Lt. Norbert R. Evans (Navigator), 2nd Lt. William S. Bush (Bombardier), T/Sgt. Glendon C. Strout (Eng.), S/Sgt. Stewart C. Robb (Waist gunner) and T/Sgt. Emmett L. Ridgelow (Radio-opr.)

1st Lt. Ernest CALUORI, Pilot
S/Sgt. Abel J. WILLIAMS, Gunner
S/Sgt. Luke M. HAINES, Ball turret gunner


29th April 1944:  Group Mission No.16

Target:  Friedrichstrasse Station Berlin, Ger.

B-24H-15-FO  42-52506  788BS    MACR#4944

Remarks:  Ship hit by flak shortly after target, ran short of fuel including engine problems so entire crew bailed out over Holland. Five crew captured and made POW were Major Robert L. Salzarulo (Command Pilot), 2nd Lt. Edgar J. Powell (Co-pilot), 2nd Lt. Edward Verbosky (Bombardier), S/Sgt. Henry H. Allen (Gunner), T/Sgt. Clinton Watts (Eng.). Five crew evaded capture with the Dutch underground. Bill Moore (pilot) was captured by the Gestapo and executed at the King William 3 Barracks, Apeldoorn, December 2nd 1944.

1st. Lt. Bill F. MOORE, Pilot

B-24H-10-DT 41-28749 790BS MACR#4943

Remarks:  Attacked by enemy fighters in the vicinity of Hanover. Ship went out of control, three crew thrown clear and made POW were 1st Lt. Frank P. Prokop (Pilot), 2nd Lt. Robert J. Pittman (Co-pilot) and S/Sgt. John H. Burgelin (Gunner). Seven crew killed.

2nd Lt. George W. MILLIRON, Navigator
2nd Lt. Edward H. CONDON, Bombardier
S/Sgt. Edward J. DREKSLER, Eng.
S/Sgt. Richard C. PETERS, Gunner
S/Sgt. Floyd D. WILLIAMS, Gunner
S/Sgt. Leroy M. HILL, Tail-gunner
S/Sgt. James R. BOUCHER, Radio-opr.

B-24H-10-DT 41-28730 "BLOND BOMBER" 790BS MACR#4942

Remarks: Ship believed to have been hit by flak over Berlin. Made some distance back, finally crashing north of Hanover. Six crew bailed out and made POW'S were, 1st. Lt. John P. Gavin (Pilot), 2nd Lt. Frank L. Billiter (Co-pilot), 2nd Lt. Linton A. Allen (Navigator), T/Sgt. Eugene J. Kuhns (Engineer), S/Sgt. John B. Angus (Tail-gunner), S/Sgt. Vernon M. Baize (Radio-operator). Four crew killed.

2nd Lt. Duane E. ATLEY, Bombardier
S/Sgt. Raymond T. RUSSELL, Gunner
S/Sgt. Leonard G. SAGER, Waist Gunner
S/Sgt. Glen L. HINKEBEIN, Waist Gunner


8th May 1944:  Group Mission No.22   MACR#4825

Target: Waggun airfield and factory near Brunswick, Ger.

B-24H-15-FO 42-52477 788BS

Remarks:  Aircraft was attacked by 6 to 7 ME-109's near Brunswick. Four members of the crew bailed out and were made POW. They were 1st Lt. Harold Pantis (Navigator), 2nd Lt. Harold W. Torgerson (Bombardier), S/Sgt. Raymond D. Vogel ( Ball turret gunner) and T/Sgt. John W. Barker (Radio-opr.). Six crew perished in crash.

2nd. Lt. Charles D. HARRISON, Pilot
2nd. Lt. Eugene J. TEAGUE, Co-pilot
S/Sgt. Rufus C. DAVIS, Gunner
T/Sgt. Edmund M. FITZJARRELL, Eng.
S/Sgt. George H. BRANNAN, Waist gunner
S/Sgt. Richard CREIGHTON, Tail gunner


29th May 1944:  Group Mission No.36  MACR#5225

Target:  Aircraft factory and airfield Tutow, Ger.

B-24H-15-CF  42-29450  791BS

Remarks:  Aircraft hit by flak and crashed into the Baltic Sea. Eight men bailed out, two including the pilot Stephens and engineer Peacock remained in plane and died. Two men drowned were Walther and Carchietta. Six made POW were 2nd. Lt. Earnest Beasley (Co-pilot), 2nd Lt. Walter Mitchell (Bombardier), S/Sgt. Fred Jenkins (Gunner), S/Sgt. John Rabenold (Gunner), S/Sgt. Kenneth McCracken (Tail-gunner), and T/Sgt. Champ Clark (Radio-opr.)

1st. Lt. Rufus B. STEPHENS, Pilot
T/Sgt. Charles L. PEACOCK, Eng.
S/Sgt. George H. WALTHER, Gunner
S/Sgt. John A. CARCHIETTA, Gunner


21st June 1944: Group Mission No.60  MACR#6235

Target: Workshops at Genshagen, Berlin

B-24H-15-FO 42-52497 "OSAGE EXPRESS" 790BS

Remarks: Aircraft believed hit by flak in the Berlin area. Last seen falling behind the reassembled formation but under control. All of the crew KIA. Speculation, crew successfully bailed out but were subsequently captured and murdered by the German S.S.

1st. Lt. Edwin M. HELTON, Pilot
2nd. Lt. Maurice F. NELSON, Co-pilot
2nd. Lt  Richard J. LUDKA, Bombardier
T/Sgt. Warren C. RANKIN, Eng.
T/Sgt. Frank BORCHICK, Radio-op.
S/Sgt. Thomas A. GENSERT, Gunner
S/Sgt. Stanley E. BRZEZOWSKI, Gunner
S/Sgt. Charles L. KNOWLES, Gunner
S/Sgt. Carmine MARGIASSO, Gunner


29th June 1944: Group Mission No.67  MACR#7087

Target: Fuselage plant Aschersleben, Ger.

B-24J-140-CO 42-110187 789BS

Remarks:  Aircraft hit by flak moments after bomb drop, went out of control and exploded.  Majority of crew believed killed by fire in the oxygen system. 2nd Lt. William Counts- pilot, was sole survivor of the crew and made a POW.

2nd. Lt. William E. GREBLE, Co-pilot
2nd. Lt. Donald H. HUDSON, Navigator
2nd. Lt. James E. ROBINSON, Bombardier
S/Sgt. John J. MURPHY, Gunner
S/Sgt. Joseph J. KENNEDY, Gunner
S/Sgt. Robert C. FISHER, Eng.
S/Sgt. Harris P. DAVIS, Gunner
S/Sgt. Francis VAN VEEN, Radio-operator


11th July 1944: Group Mission No.74 MACR#6931

Target: City of Munich, Ger

B-24H-15-CF 41-29368 "TAILWIND" 789BS

Remarks: Returning from mission after being hit by flak and fighters crashed close to the coast at Sangatte, France. Majority of the crew bailed out, three crew killed the remaining crew made POW. 2nd Lt. William G. Hale (Nav.), 2nd Lt. Edward C. Ruff (Bombardier), S/Sgt Claude M. Maine (Gunner), S/Sgt Glenn H. Richardson (Gunner), S/Sgt George D. Kunz (Gunner), S/Sgt Walter H. McCarson (Tail), S/Sgt Roger E. Manders (Radio-op.).

1st. Lt. James F. UNDERWOOD, Pilot
2nd Lt. Thornton R. GILLETT, Co-pilot
S/Sgt. Edward S. ZIELINSKI, Eng.


12th July 1944: Group Mission No.75  MACR#6932

Target: City Centre, Munich, Ger.

B-24H-15-FO 42-52512 "BAFFLING BRAT" 789 BS

Remarks: Ship received flak damage on bomb run. Attempted to reach Switzerland but crew were forced to bail out near Landec, Austria. Radio-operator was believed drowned following landing in a river but body was not found. Remaining 9 members of crew were made POW. 2nd Lt. Fred R. Sullivan (Pilot), 2nd Lt. Marvin D. Sacks (Co-pilot), 2nd Lt. James L. Walker (Nav.), 2nd Lt. Charles M. Pollock (Bomb.), S/Sgt. Richard J. Ryan (Eng.), S/Sgt. Albert M. Taylor (Gunner), S/Sgt. Robert J. Golisch (Gunner), S/Sgt. Warren H. Baker (Gunner), and S/Sgt. George L. Prodanovich (Tail-Gunner).

S/Sgt. Joseph R. LUND, Radio-operator


5th August 1944: Group Mission No.91

Target: Factory and airfield, Brunswick, Ger.

B-24H-15-CF 41-29363 789BS MACR#7377

Remarks: Aircraft hit by flak leaving the target at Brunswick. All ten members of the crew bailed out near Minden, Ger. Co-pilot Charles Whitacre believed 7 crew members were murdered by hostile German civilians upon reaching the ground. Three made POW were, 2nd Lt. Willard A. Langenfeld (Pilot), 2nd Lt. Charles E. Whitacre (Co-pilot), S/Sgt. John A. Vititoe (Ball-Turret gunner).

2nd Lt Robert E. DELAVAN, Navigator
2nd Lt. Louis E. YOUNKIN, Bombardier
S/Sgt. Stanley J. KALINEJKO, Eng.
S/Sgt. Robert F. KOWALSKI, Gunner
S/Sgt. Sherwood L. KELLS, Gunner
S/Sgt. Donald T. McVICKER, Tail
S/Sgt. Norman E. SCHNEIDER, Radio-operator

B-24H-25-FO 42-95162 "PERILS OF PAULINE" 790BS  MACR#7375

Remarks: Ship had sustained suspected flak damage and dropped out the formation. Finally went into a spin where only the Pilot and Engineer successfully bailed out. Radio-operator fell out of bomb-bay prior to bailing out, Bombardier is thought to have hit a propellor bailing out the nose, Co-pilot bailed out but slipped through his unfastened parachute. Rest of the crew went down with the ship. POW, 2nd Lt. David E. Love (Pilot), S/Sgt. John D. Collins (Eng.)

2nd Lt. Edward Z. COLTEY, Co-pilot
2nd Lt. William R. KRAMER, Bombardier
S/Sgt. Joseph J. KLEMAS, Ball-turret
S/Sgt. James L. MOTT, Gunner
S/Sgt. John M. BESENY, Gunner
S/Sgt. Bernard C. LE BAR, Tail-gunner
S/Sgt. John H. O'HARA, Radio-oper.


6th August 1944: Group Mission No.92

Target: Oil tanks and processing plant Hamburg, Ger.

B-24H-15-CF 41-29373 "THE MONSTER" 789BS  MACR#7378

Remarks: The ship was struck by flak about one minute before "Bombs Away". The crew managed to bail out before the aircraft crashed in Hamburg. One fatality, remaining crew made POW. 2nd Lt. Damian J. Murray (Pilot), 2nd Lt. Benedict A. Staudt (Co-pilot), 2nd Lt. Frederick W. Pulver (Bombardier), S/Sgt. Leslie J. Knott (Eng.), S/Sgt. Eugene S. Mettler (Ball-Turret), S/Sgt. J.D. Docouto (Gunner), S/Sgt. Walter C. Sane (Gunner), S/Sgt. Dominic C. Garetto (Tail), Charles W. Hartney (Radio-oper.)

2nd Lt. Seymour M. GITLITZ, Navigator

B-24H-15-CF 41-29421 "WALLOWING WILBERT" 791BS  MACR#7374

Remarks: Took a direct hit from flak in the right wing, two minutes before the target while on the bomb run. Three crew successfully bailed out and the ship is reported to have exploded in mid-air killing the remaining crew. POWs were 2nd Lt. James R. Gamble (Navigator), S/Sgt. David W. Johnson (Engineer), and S/Sgt. James E. Manning (Radio-oper.)

2nd Lt. George J. KOTRABA, Pilot
2nd Lt. Sumner A. McCARTNEY, Co-pilot
F.O. Joseph W. KIRBY, Bombardier
S/Sgt. Samuel R. CORBIN, Ball-turret
S/Sgt. Dan R. GAGE, Gunner
S/Sgt. John H. BIGGS, Gunner
S/Sgt. Thaddeus F. JEZ, Tail-gunner


13th August 1944:  Group Mission No.98  MACR#7913

Target: Bridges along the River Seine, western France.

B-24H-15-FO  42-52530  "BUGS BUNNY" 791BS

Remarks: Immediately after "Bombs Away" was struck by flak in the right wing, broke into a spin and exploded in mid-air. Both pilots successfully bailed out and were made POW, the rest of the crew perished with the aircraft. POWs were 1st Lt. Charles J. Leyes (Pilot), 2nd Lt. Myles E. Coolidge (Co-pilot).

2nd Lt. Rufus R. BURNS, Navigator
S/Sgt. Algy L. HERRING, Bombardier
T/Sgt. Henry J. WORBY, Eng.
Sgt. Leo J. MANLEY, Ball-turret
S/Sgt. William F. WILKINS, Gunner
S/Sgt. Millard C. STEINBRENNER, Gunner
S/Sgt. Albert E. SAKRISON, Tail
Sgt. Robert E. MONTGOMERY, Radio-oper.


16th August 1944:  Group Mission No.101  MACR#8423

Target: Junkers factory Magdeburg, Ger.

B-24J-401-CF  42-50481  788BS

Remarks: Direct hit by flak caused the ship to break in two at the waist windows. This occured over the target at Magdeburg, no survivors.

1st Lt. Gayle H. MILLER, Pilot
2nd Lt. Jehu F. STEWART, Copilot
2nd Lt. James W. ABELL, Navigator
2nd Lt. Glenn C. KAY, Bombardier
S/Sgt. James M. MARSHALL, Eng.
T/Sgt. Julius I. NORDHOLM, Radio-oper.
S/Sgt. Richard B. SPANGLER, Gunner
S/Sgt. Stephen A. HEFFNER, Tail Gunner
S/Sgt. Thomas A. BOYER, Ball Turret Gunner
S/Sgt. Donald R. GOODMAN, Gunner


14th October 1944:  Group Mission No.119  MACR#9489

Target: Marshalling yards, Cologne, Ger.

B-24H-15-FO  42-52507 "MISS JUDY"  789BS

Remarks: Ship suffered engine fire and severe vibration. Crew abandoned ship near the front-line in western Germany. Two crew received shot wounds, Pilot rumoured to have been shot and killed while hanging from a tree in his parachute.Pilot was KIA, nine other crew made POW were, 2nd Lt. Ervin R. Estes (Co-pilot), 2nd Lt. Ben A. Bereskin (Navigator), T/Sgt. Frank C. Buettner (Eng.), S/Sgt. Elmer J. Barndt (Gunner), T/Sgt. Gerald L. Pucillo (Radio-oper.), S/Sgt. John A. Potsklan (Gunner), S/Sgt. Lester E. Hix (Nose-Gunner), Dominick J. Gerrito (Ball Turret Gunner), Cpl. Ralph C. Donovan (Tail Gunner).

1st Lt. Donald J. HUDSON, Pilot


9th November 1944: (Reconnaissance Mission)  MACR#11063

Remarks: Three men listed as BOTH K.I.L.O.D. and MIA on this date. Following a weather recon. for the Days mission, Capt. Marvin M. Paul, 791st BS,  was injured in a crash-landing at Woodbridge. Over the North Sea his ship ran into a violent storm and spun down almost to sea level before control was regained. Three men who had managed to bail out were never found.

F/O     Arnold A. WEINRICH, Co-pilot
T/Sgt.  Raymond V. ALLEN, Radio-operator
T/Sgt.  Lyle M. OSTRANDER, Engineer


10th November 1944:  Group Mission No.132  MACR#10323

Target: Marshalling yards Hanau, Ger.

B-24H-15-FO  42-52571  "SNOOPER"  790BS

Remarks: Shortly after leaving the target, the ship was observed to have #2 engine feathered and losing altitude until out of sight. The ship was last seen by an aircraft of the 93rd BG approximately 35 miles SW of Brussels and attempting to call for fighters on Channel B. He was told he was over friendly territory and to use Channel C. Nothing more was seen or heard from this crew and it is presumed the ship crashed into the North Sea with 9 men MIA.

2nd Lt. Maynard M. UNGERER Jr, Pilot
2nd Lt. James G. MACDONALD, Co-pilot
2nd Lt. Paul J. WINEBRENNER, Bombardier
S/Sgt. Lloyd C. YOUNG, Eng.
Sgt. Vincent J. McGRATH Jr, Radio-oper.
Sgt. James QUIGLEY, Gunner
Sgt. Arthur L. WEINDEL, Gunner
Sgt. Clarence F. REEVES, Gunner
Sgt. Amos M.SWANBERG, Gunner


25th December 1944:  Group Mission No.147  MACR#11122

Target: Railway communication centre, Musch, Ger.

B-24H-24-FO  42-95220  788BS

Remarks: Ship attacked by enemy aircraft in the vicinity of St. Vith, Belgium. No.3 engine on fire, spread through the wing and fuselage and aircraft exploded. Three crew successfully bailed out, remaining seven either crashed with the ship or were blown out at time of explosion. POW were 1st Lt. William W. Truxes (Pilot), 2nd Lt. John E. Sullivan (Co-pilot), and S/Sgt. Burton Hurwitz (RCM oper.)

F/O   David J. COUNTEY, Navigator
S/Sgt. John N. ELLEFSON, Radio-oper.
S/Sgt. Peter HARDICK, Eng.
Sgt.  Alek ONISCHUK, Tail gunner
Sgt.  Roland L. MOREHOUSE, Gunner
Sgt.  Stanley P. KOLY, Gunner
Sgt.  Walter WALINSKI, Gunner


1st January 1945:  Group Mission No.154  MACR#11587

Target: Railway bridge, Guls, Ger.

B-24J-1-FO  42-50614  "MASSACHUSETTS GAL"  788BS

Remarks: Ship took a direct hit by flak in the nose. Several crew were killed outright, with fire spreading from the front of the ship. Other crew had flak injuries. Ship crashed near Andernach, Ger., having entered a spin out of control. Four crew abandoned the ship safely and made POW were 1st Lt. Arthur M. Holter (Pilot), 2nd Lt. Leslie P. Morgan (Co-pilot), S/Sgt. Warren A. Hurst (Gunner), and S/Sgt. Robert P. Hine (Gunner).

Capt. John W. SMITH, Pilotage Nav.
F/O   Walter K. GESCHL, Navigator
2nd Lt. Charles A. FIEDLER, Bombardier
T/Sgt. Don DELLA ROCCA, Eng.
T/Sgt. Richard E. BENNER, Radio-oper.
S/Sgt. Robert A. HIRD, Gunner


16th February 1945:  Group Mission No.173  MACR#12425

Target:  Marshalling yards, Osnabruck, Ger.

B-24H-25-FO  42-95080  "SUPER WOLF"  790BS

Remarks: Returning from the target the ship was flak damaged. The entire crew bailed out of the ship in eastern Holland. The aircraft crashed near Emmen, Holland. The Engineer was the sole casualty  due to parachute failure. The remaining 9 crew were captured and made POW were 2nd Lt. John D. Mullican (Pilot), 2nd Lt. Jay S. Young (Co-pilot), F/O William J. Caselton (Navigator), Sgt. Mervyn Levin (Radio-oper.), Sgt. William H. Willis (Nose-gunner), Sgt. Matt J. Brletich (Gunner), Sgt. Carl R. Pratt (Gunner), Sgt. Leonard E. Tomaski (Tail-gunner) and S/Sgt. Francis W. Connor Jr. (RCM Oper.)

Sgt. Walter M. SIES, Eng.


17th February 1945:  Group Mission No.174  MACR#12431

Target: Meschede, Ger. (Mission recalled due to bad weather)

B-24J-145-CO  44-40068  "UMBRIAGO"  788BS

Remarks: Mission recalled while group was over the North Sea. The entire crew were presumed forced down in the North Sea as they failed to return. Crews in the same squadron report severe icing conditions and excessive power settings to maintain altitude.

1st Lt. Leon F. PORTER, Pilot
F/O Joseph M. GALLAGHER, Co-pilot
2nd Lt. Robert A. WELLS, Navigator
S/Sgt. Russell E. SHEPHERD, Eng.
S/Sgt. Joseph T. WILT, Radio-oper.
Sgt. Fleurian P. CARDIN, Gunner
Sgt. Duncan A. GEDDES, Gunner
Sgt. Gordon R. MARTIN, Gunner
Sgt. Frank E. AYERS, Tail Gunner


2nd March 1945:  Group Mission No. 184  MACR#12850

Target: Tank production factory, Magdeburg, Ger.

B-24H-25-DT  42-51171  "ELI SWOF JR" 790BS

Remarks: Aircraft lost an engine over the target and a further engine from fighter attacks. Dropped back from the formation and was hit by flak which resulted in the ship catching fire. Four of the crew bailed out, one unsuccessfully due to parachute failure (Sgt. Joseph A. Dore). The remaining crew perished with the aircraft upon crashing near Dorstend, Ger. Three POW were F/O Robert F. Herrmann (Navigator), Sgt. Benjamin R. Sharkey (Tail-gunner), and Sgt. Edward N. Gibbs (Gunner).

2nd Lt. Alvah D. REID, Pilot
F/O Guy F. SHURTZ, Co-pilot
Sgt. Chester M. GUZIK, Eng.
Sgt. Joseph A. DORE, Radio-oper.
Sgt. John T. WATSON, Nose-gunner
Sgt. Bernard A. McGLYNN, Gunner


18th March 1945:  Group Mission No.196  MACR#13136

Target: Factory sites, Berlin, Ger.

B-24H-15-FO  42-52546 "SOUTHERN CLIPPER" 789BS

Remarks: Ship hit by flak in the bomb-bay area over the target at Berlin. Majority of crew bailed out, one member (Sgt. William B. Wilson) struck ship below while bailing out and later died from his injuries. Those made POW were 1st Lt. William E. Shinn (Pilot), F/O Kenneth C. Micko (Co-pilot), Sgt. Jesse F. Watkins (Nose-gunner), Sgt. Edward C. Galbraith (Gunner), Sgt. Stanley P. Simpson (Gunner), and Sgt. Richard L. Cisco (Tail-gunner).

F/O  Alfred H. JANSS, Navigator
S/Sgt. Carl S. APPEL Jr., RCM oper.
Sgt.  Robert L. WILLIAMS, Eng.
Sgt.  William B. WILSON, Radio-oper.