Photo Gallery Ten

Army Air Base Wendover Field, Revisited 2001

The 467th BG(H) were transferred to Wendover Field, Utah, on the 1st November 43 to complete the final phases of training before movement overseas.

During November the weather was generally favourable for flying and all efforts were centred on the Flight Phase Training which was completed by the end of the month. The following month the four squadrons flew a total of 657 sorties and the number of aircraft increased to 23 B24 aircraft. The biggest problem in December was weather. Bad conditions generally in the area were augmented by ever-present smoke over the base in the early morning. Upper respiratory infections continued through the month and was a hindrance to the progress of training. Maintenance was bothered by lack of tools spare parts with many ground crew members spending much of their time in ground school classes.

January 44 the Group entered the final phase of its training period. All efforts were placed on the approaching POM inspection, and all departments joined in eagerly to make a success of the inspection. The POM inspection was made on the 18th January with the weather clear locally but at the Pocatello bombing-range an overcast obliterated the target. Unfortunately the POM inspectors were not entirely satisfied with the functioning of the Group, and the flying echelon underwent further tests before a later POM inspection was passed. At the end of the training phase the Group had 72 combat crews with 59 B24s available for movement overseas. The Group left Wendover during the early part of February for final preparation for their journey overseas.

Thanks to Richard Lindsay of the RAF Tactical Armament Squadron who kindly provided the photos while on detachment for exercises to Hill AFB during February 2001.


accomdationblockswendoverthb.jpg (2400 bytes)
Accommodation Blocks

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More Accommodation Blocks

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Base Chapel

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Gunnery School

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Operations and Hangar Area

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Squadron Hangar

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Squadron Readiness Building

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Control Tower & Hangar

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Mess Hall