Photo Gallery Seven

B24 Aircraft Nose Art of the 467th BG(H)

The Practice of illustrating aircraft in colourful, and even fanciful design was nothing new and the 467th BG(H) were no exception among the 8th Air Force in carrying on a long held tradition in painting all manner of images on the ample "canvas" provided by the long nose section of the B24. These examples range from a simple name to sometimes ornate and painstakingly sophisticated illustrations that adorned a number of the aircraft. The female form and names were a common favourite while others displayed cartoon characters of the time and sometimes witty and pithy comment. Thanks to Kevin Coolidge for access to a number of examples from the 467th BG(H) Association Archive included among those below.


doubletroublethb.jpg (2319 bytes)
B24H "Double Trouble"

B24H "Angel"

thatsallthb.jpg (2199 bytes)
B24J "That's All Brother"

wallowingthb.jpg (1616 bytes)
B24H "Wallowing Wilbert"

wabbitnoseartthb.jpg (1662 bytes)
B24H "Wabbit"

fortunenoseartthb.jpg (2086 bytes)
B24H "Miss Fortune"

B24H "Homeward Bound"

southernclippernoseartthb.jpg (2269 bytes)
B24H "Southern Clipper"

perilsofpaulinenoseartthb.jpg (1930 bytes)
B24H "Perils of Pauline"

zigzagthb.jpg (1654 bytes)
B24J "Mademoiselle Zig Zig"

ironpantsnoseartthb.jpg (1767 bytes)
B24J "Old Iron Pants"

witchcraftnoseartthb.jpg (1731 bytes)
B24H "Witchcraft"

epluribusnoseartthb.jpg (1947 bytes)
B24H "E Pluribus Aluminum"

fuedingwagonnoseartthb.jpg (2064 bytes)
B24J "Feudin' Wagon"

schooldazenoseartthb.jpg (2755 bytes)
B24L "School Daze"

slickchicknoseartthb.jpg (1756 bytes)
B24H "Slick Chick"

slickchickmodifiednosethb.jpg (2633 bytes)
"Slick Chick" nose art#2

leadingladythb.jpg (2106 bytes)
B24H "Leading Lady"

littlechumnoseartthb.jpg (1913 bytes)
B24J "Little Chum"

massillonnoseartthb.jpg (2286 bytes)
B24J "Massillon Tiger"

missjudynoseartthb.jpg (2090 bytes)
B24H "Miss Judy"

ruthmarianoseartthb.jpg (2465 bytes)
B24H "Ruth Marie"

shooshoobabynoseartthb.jpg (1750 bytes)
B24H "Shoo Shoo Baby"

silverchiefnoseartthb.jpg (2282 bytes)
B24H "Silver Chief"

sluggerjrnoseartthb.jpg (2378 bytes)
B24H "Slugger Jr"

snoopernoseartthb.jpg (2506 bytes)
B24H "Snooper"

superwolfnoseartthb.jpg (2356 bytes)
B24H "Super Wolf"

tailwindnoseartthb.jpg (1948 bytes)
B24H "Tail Wind"

themonsternoseartthb.jpg (2085 bytes)
B24H "The Monster"

thethundermugnoseartthb.jpg (2102 bytes)
B24H "The Thunder Mug"

umbriagonoseartthb.jpg (2509 bytes)
B24J "Umbriago"

devilshostessnoseartthb.jpg (1830 bytes)
B24H "Devil's Hostess"

gerockonoseartthb.jpg (1578 bytes)
B24H "Gerocko"

libertyrunthb.jpg (2233 bytes)
B24M "Liberty Run"

screwballthb.jpg (2298 bytes)
B24H "Screw Ball"

jacktheripper2noseartthb.jpg (2757 bytes)
B24H "Jack The Ripper II"

monster166artworkthb.jpg (3889 bytes)
B24J "Monster"

rosalynthb.jpg (3492 bytes)
B24J "Rosalyn"

bugsbunnynoseartthb.jpg (2304 bytes)
B24H "Bugs Bunny"

flakmagnet2noseartthb.jpg (2960 bytes)
B24H "Flak Magnet II"

everythin'sjakenoseartthb.jpg (2075 bytes)
B24H "Everythin's Jake"

B24H "Belle of the East"

B24J "Lucky 'Leven..." Port Side

B24J "Lucky 'Leven..." Starboard Side

B24H "Palace Meat Market"

B24J "Pappy's Yokum"

B24D "Pete The POM Inspector"

B24H "Blonde Bomber"

B24H "Stinker"

B24H "Saucey Pants"

B24J "Up In Arms"

B24H "Wolves Inc."

B24H "The Cherub"

B24H "Lil' Peach"

B24H "Tangerine"

B24H "Tangerine" Starboard Side

B24H "Ten of Us"

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