Photo Gallery Nine

467th BG(H) Ground Personnel

Maintaining an effective and fully functional Bombardment Group depended upon a strong back-bone of organization in a whole range of tasks necessary to support not only the aircrews but the efficient day to day running of the airbase. As well as the Squadron air mechanics who ensured the aircraft were serviceable, there were personnel engaged in such activities as Mission preparation (Group Operations, Intelligence, Briefing, Communications Office, Engineering Sections, Ordnance Section, Armament Section, Weather Section, Photo Section, Flying Control, Medical Officer, Motor Pool, Mess Hall, Personnel Equipment, Military Police, Radar Section, and Chaplains). Other units and sections include the Quartermaster Stores, Base Defense, Administrative, Sick Quarters, American Red Cross, Personnel, Statistics, and Recreation, to name but a few. Below are featured some of the ground personnel and the tasks they were engaged. 

791st Armourers

mechanicsenginethb.jpg (4226 bytes)
Ground Air Mechanics

alweltersmechanicthb.jpg (3428 bytes)
Al Welters 789th Mechanic

789th Air Mechanics

groundenginehoistthb.jpg (3128 bytes)
Air Mechanics/Hoist

enginechangethb.jpg (2608 bytes)
Engine Change#1

enginechangeBthb.jpg (2894 bytes)
Engine Change#2

ordnancestaffthb.jpg (3166 bytes)
Ordnance Section

MP Compliment

diyshelterAthb.jpg (2515 bytes)
Airfield Shelter#1

diyshelterBthb.jpg (2713 bytes)
Airfield Shelter#2

interrogationthb.jpg (2542 bytes)
Interrogation Officer

photoshopAthb.jpg (2402 bytes)
Photo Section#1

photoshopBthb.jpg (3203 bytes)
Photo Section#2

arcmobilethb.jpg (3087 bytes)
American Red Cross

admin790ththb.jpg (3000 bytes)
790th Sq. Admin Staff

flyingcontrolthb.jpg (2630 bytes)
Flying Control

470thsubdepotpersonelthb.jpg (2704 bytes)
470th Sub Depot

airmechanics788ththb.jpg (3538 bytes)
788th Air Mechanics