Photo Gallery Fourteen

The S/Sgt. Henry Kubacek Photo Collection

Henry Kubacek had the distinction of being one of the original members of the 790th Lt. George Reed who took delivery of a brand new B-24 after completing training at Wendover. It was while en-route to England and ultimately Rackheath, enlisted members of the crew concocted the name and idea of the artwork "Witchcraft" which later became synonymous with the most famous B-24 in the entire 8th Air Force. Henry and his fellow crew members flew "Witchcraft" almost exclusively during their time at Rackheath which coincided with the early tentative Group missions from April 1944 into the summer months before completing their tour. During this period, Henry documented his experiences of flying combat, scenes around the Rackheath base and airfield, and much, much, more. Presented here is a large sample of Henry's personal photo collection, documentation, and memorabilia carefully preserved by the Family. Sincere thanks to Henry's grand-daughter, Carolyn Holt, who made the collection available to view and meticulously scanned images at high resolution for greater clarity.

The images here are grouped into categories and largely without accompanying text. Should you require fuller details of any image or require copies at a higher resolution, please contact Andy Wilkinson.

Henry Kubacek (first left standing) and the rest of the Lt. George Reed crew safely back at Rackheath following the first mission for the crew, the Group, and "Witchcraft" on 10th April 1944.

Combat and Practice Missions

"Witchcraft" including Ground Crew and Air Crew

Group Aircraft and Others


Medals and News Cuttings

Military Certificates and Papers