Photo Gallery Eleven

The Joseph M. Smith Jr. Photo Collection

Presented here is a wonderful photographic record belonging to Joe Murtland Smith III whose late father was assigned to the Group Photo Section of the 467th BG and served with the Section from it's earliest training phase in the U.S. right through to the conclusion of War in Europe.

The Photo Section was much more than an aerial Photo Laboratory processing thousands of "Strike Photos" from on-board automated cameras, they also documented life and times on the base at Rackheath and ventured further afield taking pictures of the surrounding area, historical landmarks, and into mainland Europe photographing damage and scenes as the Allies pushed toward Berlin after D-Day.

Read Joe Smith's recollections of Base life at Rackheath and serving with the Photo Section.  


Cpl. Joe Smith at Rackheath 1944/45

Commendation awarded to the Group Photo Section

Station 145 Rackheath