Photo Gallery Eight

Accidents and Mishaps

The 467th BG had an envious safety record overall, testimony to the skill and diligence of the hard working squadron ground personnel who maintained the aircraft on a daily basis in all weather conditions. At the insistence of Col. Shower, the aircrews were sent out on frequent "practise" missions to improve on tight formations and general airmanship discipline. This was not always kindly thought of by the combat crews but the high standards aspired to led the 467th to be renowned as a tight disciplined unit.

Accidents and mishaps were not a common phenomenon for the Group, however there were occasions where the thorough training and high standard of maintenance could not prevent such incidents occurring. Crews experienced severe battle-damage from flak infested skies over mainland Europe,  the ever present threat of enemy aircraft attack, and sometimes serious injuries to crew members. As many accidents as there were, there were equally many cases where crews and individuals received commendation and citations for outstanding and heroic actions in the most trying and difficult circumstances imaginable.

When viewing these photos do remember that many young men made the supreme sacrifice in fighting for a just cause.   

skinnercrashthb.jpg (3513 bytes)
"Devil's Hostess"

stingercrashthb1.jpg (2751 bytes)

stingercrashthb2.jpg (3305 bytes)

crashhardwickthb.jpg (2989 bytes)
"Ruth Marie"

noselesslonelythb.jpg (3430 bytes)
"Lonely Heart"

kirbybedon1thb.jpg (3489 bytes)
"Broad & High"#1

kirbybedon2thb.jpg (2965 bytes)
"Broad & High"#2

alsorancrashthb.jpg (1646 bytes)
"Also Ran"

"Tommy Thumper II"#1

"Tommy Thumper II"#2

strafingthb.jpg (2266 bytes)
"Strafing Attack"

Flak Damage#1

Flak Damage#2

fogcrash1thb.jpg (2615 bytes)
Disaster in the Fog#1

fogcrash2thb.jpg (2261 bytes)
Disaster in the Fog#2

scottcrashthb.jpg (3075 bytes)
Attlebridge Crash

woodbridge348thb.jpg (2310 bytes)
Propeller Mishap

taxiingthb.jpg (1913 bytes)
Taxiing Incident

"Mary Ellen"

aircraft599thb.jpg (2623 bytes)
Nosewheel Collapse#1

aircraft599rearthb.jpg (1544 bytes)
Nosewheel Collapse#2

boomerang500thb.jpg (2431 bytes)

runwaygearcollapsethb.jpg (2311 bytes)
Runway Gear Collapse

b24l44-49610thb.jpg (3440 bytes)

closeup610thb.jpg (3432 bytes)

b17visitor1thb.jpg (2089 bytes)
B17 "Visitor"#1

b17visitor2thb.jpg (2818 bytes)
B17 "Visitor"#2

sacktimedamagethb.jpg (1526 bytes)
Sack Time Damage

Up in Arms