"Without whom . . . "


This site is only made possible by the veterans, their relatives, associated researchers and friends, who have kindly provided a wealth of information and photographic archive in response to  hundreds of enquiries concerning the history of the Group.

If I have forgotten anyone, please Email Andy Wilkinson to have your name recorded as a contributor.

Allen Welters 789th Aircraft Mechanic ground personnel
Fred Holdrege C.O. 790th
Robert Salzarulo C.O. original 788th
Al Touchette C.O. 1229 QM Co.
Vincent LaRussa 789th Aircraft Mechanic ground personnel
Ken Driscoll Pilot original 788th
James Anslow Aircrew original 788th
Charles Hartney Aircrew original 788th
Roy Winden Aircrew 788th/791st
Gordon Houser Aircrew 788th
Robert Kaseman Copilot 788th
Ted Wheeler Pilot 788th
James Hogarth Aircrew 788th
Ronald Spencer Navigator 788th
Roger Leister Pilot 788th
Byron Boyd son of Hollis Boyd Aircrew 788th
Val Corvino daughter of Vincent Corvino Aircrew 788th
Edward King Pilot 789th
John Stewart Navigator 789th
Kevin Coolidge 467th BG Association Archivist
William Counts Pilot 789th
Les Hix Aircrew 789th
Victor Bakan Aircrew 789th
Jenny Sane-Cayless grand-daughter Walter Sane Aircrew 789th
Jack Gair Copilot 789th
Kenneth Micko Copilot 789th
Bob McKenzie Pilot 790th
John Upp Pilot 790th
Carl Epting Pilot 790th
John Vinson Aircrew 790th
Vince Re Aircrew 790th/791st
Clem Plaskiewicz Navigator 790th
Keith Newhouse Pilot 791st/790th
David Cortes son of Joseph Cortes Aircrew 790th
Boyd Woodis Pilot 790th
Linton Allen Navigator 790th
Babs Wright daughter William Pollard Aircrew 790th
Alan Broadfield son of Walter Broadfield ground personnel
Andy Beasley Copilot 791st
Walter Laughlin 790th aircraft mechanic ground personnel
Patti Slavin half "sister" Thomas Murphy Pilot 791st
Tony North - Norwich England, 2nd Air Div. Memorial Aide
Martin Hall - WW2 Buildings/Structures researcher
Tom Brittan - 2nd Air Division B24 serial expert
David Hastings - Salhouse England, former Chairman 2nd AD Memorial Trust
Howard Dye Pilot 789th
Fred Enck Aircrew 791st
David Kurtz Aircrew 789th
James Murphy Copilot 789th
Wayne & Norman Bumm sons of Robert Bumm Group Photo Shop
Andy Beasley Copilot 791st
Myles Coolidge Copilot 791st
Ken Ireland Copilot 791st
Richard Lindsey - RAF Marham, WW2 researcher
Roger Giblin Aircrew 788th/791st
Frank Watson Pilot 789th/791st
Bill Wescott son of Wells Wescott Pilot 791st
Paul Hatten Aircrew 791st/788th
Dean Johnson Navigator 789th/791st
Tom Ensminger - "Carpetbagger" Archivist/Historian
Mark Eaton nephew of Reuben Eaton Aircrew 790th
Jay Young Copilot 790th
Ed Harkonen Pilot 790th
Marvin Roose cousin of Rod Ewart Pilot  original 788th
Walter Parker Navigator 789th
Hugh Miner Copilot 789th
Frank Johnson Aircrew Original 788th/789th
Ed Wells son of crew member from the Kenneth Kleinshrot crew 789th
Bill West son of William West 791st ground personnel
Paul Parker son of Walter Parker Navigator 789th
Raymond McCarson son of Walter McCarson Aircrew 789th and POW
George Tormoen Pilot Original 788th/791st
Ken Swanson Armament Section 789th
Anthony Bell Aircrew Original 791st
Charles Quick Aircrew Original 790th
C.P. "Larry" Kurtz 788th Air Mechanic
Charles Patnesky Aircrew 788th
Robin Janton son of Robert Janton crew chief 788th
Stephen Harrell son of Richard Harrell Aircrew 789th
Perry Watts - Group Historian, Salhouse England
Leon MoQuin Aircrew 790th
Roland Renaud Aircrew 790th
Lester "Andy" Anderson Aircrew 788th/791st
Nick Robinson son of Russell Robinson Aircrew 790th/791st
Tari Jacobs daughter of Frank Jacobs Bombardier 788th
Lucy Helveston daughter of John Low Group Bombardier
Lloyd Harmon son of Frank Harmon Copilot 791st
Jack Stevens Pilot 791st
Rodric Villemaire Aircrew 789th
Bob Samuel Aircrew 790th
Ross Rainwater son of Roy Rainwater Aircrew 790th
Donald Reab Pilot 789th
Charles Russell Pilot 789th
Casey Wohlfeil grandson of Thomas LaGory Aircrew 789th
Ruth Gerringer wife of Ted Gerringer 791st Bombardier Officer
James Flynn Navigator 789th/791st
George Simkins Aircrew 791st
Alec Blyth - Rackheath England
Ralph Davis Pilot 790th
Peter DeAngelo brother of Vincent DeAngelo Aircrew 790th
Christine Coombes, Norwich, England
Gary Revis son of Bruce Revis Aircrew 790th
Bob Kirkpatrick Pilot (Mosquito) 21 Squadron (RCAF)
Brian Mahoney son of Lt. Col. James Mahoney
Scott Patterson nephew of Jack Lang Pilot 789th
Chris Compton
Robert Goldman Aircrew 788th
William Riese nephew of James Howe KIA Aircrew original 788th
Tony Corradetti Aircrew 789th
Richard Nason son of Elbert Nason Aircrew 789th
Jason Bash grandson of Troy Wild Pilot 791st
Herbert Weber, Iserlohn, Germany
Fritz Von Pilgrim, Munich, Germany
Mark Eames, site owner Rackheath
John Carlton son of John Carlton Bombardier 789th
Richard Rickenbach son of Richard Rickenbach 470th Sub-Depot
Jim Gamble Navigator and POW 791st
Joseph Smith Group Photo Section
Mike Caputo Navigator 789th
Glenn Kenagy Aircrew 789th
Aurel Stuart Bombardier 791st
Teunis Schuurman WW2 Researcher Vollenhove, Netherlands
John Fornols Aircrew Original 790th/791st
Paula Lytle Niece of Clarence Johnson Aircrew 789th
Paul Arnett Historian 492nd BG.com
Mario Antetomasa Aircrew 790th
Matthew Antetomasa grandson of Mario Antetomasa 790th
The Holum Family whose Father was Edward Holum Pilot 788th/791st
Jan Gold and Ronald Jeppe whose Father is Richard Jeppe Aircrew 789th
William Carpenter Aircrew original 791st
Daniel Farnham grandson of Robert White CoPilot 789th
Mrs. Mildred Truxes wife of William W. Truxes Jr. Pilot 788th
Paul Remy  - Belgian WW2 Aviation researcher
Guy Demain - Belgian WW2 Aviation researcher
Wolter Noordman - Dutch WW2 Aviation researcher
John Hayes son of Robert H. Hayes, Jr. Aircrew 789th
The Family of Peter Hardick (KIA 24th Dec. 1944) and Mike Hardick, Aircrew 788th
Amie Shaver daughter of Max Shaver Copilot 790th
Gregg Flagg son of Robert C. Flagg Navigator 788th
Clarence Skidmore son of Curtis Skidmore Bombardier/Navigator 789th
Mark Coffey son of James "Jim" Coffey Pilot 790th
David Rubin son of Marcus Rubin Pilot 788th
Peter Horne son of John Horne Aircrew 790th
Carolyn Holt grand-daughter of Henry Kubacek Orignial 790th Witchcraft Crew
Amanda Kate Faraci grand-daughter of Richard Olson Aircrew 789th
Jerry Gebauer son of Gerald Gebauer Pilot 789th
Anthony Barrett Armourer 791st
The Family of Arthur D. Price (KIA 11th July 1944) Aircrew 790th
Thomas Wakeling nephew of Cpl. William H. Little (Killed during Training Phase) 789th
Don Beam son of William Beam Aircrew 790th and 489th BG Werdung Crew
Mark Volk son of Douglas Volk Pilot 789th